Kilimanyika was founded by Paul Harrison and James Ole Laizer who have worked closely together in a variety of roles and projects since 1999.

Kilimanyika’s work and ability to take on a range of roles is supported by our associate consultants, many of whom we have been working with for several years and who add a range of backgrounds, skill sets, approaches, networks and experiences to the Kilimanyika dynamic that strongly complements our work.

Core to the approach of Kilimanyika is analyzing the conservation-development nexus from a range of perspectives.

Kilimanyika recognizes the essential role that indigenous communities must play in the successful and sustainable management of natural resources whilst always keeping in mind the positive additional ideas can be introduced by people from a variety of backgrounds.

Speaking the local language has been a key asset of Kilimanyika’s in aims of fully understanding the complexity of development challenges – both of Kilimanyika’s Directors are fluent in Kiswahili, and the associate consultants contribute a myriad of language skills.

Associate consultants currently working with Kilimanyika: