Riziki_Shemdoe_Kilimanyika_2007 005 BWRiziki Silas Shemdoe, PhD, is a consultant specialising in climate change adaptation and community based natural resource management.

His recent work has focused primarily on climate change, REDD+ and safeguards in Tanzania, delivering research and consultancy projects for various organisations including UNDP, WWF and IUCN.

Shemdoe’s key skills in this area involve assessing local community vulnerability and strategies to adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change in flood and dryland areas.

He has also played a key role in a EU funded research project on Climate change and Urban Vulnerability in Africa (CLUVA) and the Norwegian funded programme on Climate Change Impact Adaptation and Mitigation (CCIAM).

In addition to climate change work, Shemdoe has a broad experience in working with different conservation NGOs and East African institutions on a variety of community based natural resource management projects.

Shemdoe has also participated in developing national projects and programmes for the Tanzanian Government and the civil society.

Shemdoe holds a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences from Ghent University, Belgium, an MSc in the Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable Agriculture from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania, and has over 20 published papers in scientific peer reviewed journals.