Zeke DavidsonDr Zeke Davidson, PhD, is an African conservation biologist with a 16-year career as a research scientist, field biologist and conservationist.

Community based conservation is key to Zeke’s current role as field biologist for Marwell Wildlife in Northern Kenya, where he has developed rangeland monitoring programmes and regularly engaged community rangers in technical skills and field based monitoring training.

He has experience in evaluating harvest potential of natural resources before exploitation, the assessment of natural resource commercial value and the delivery of benefits to local communities.

A member of the National Grevy’s Zebra Steering Committee he has contributed to the species national conservation strategy and national survey planning, implementation and reporting Zeke was appointed to the Kenyan Task Force for mapping wildlife population connectivity by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in 2012.

He serves as technical advisor and scientist contributing to this flagship Vision 2030 project.

Zeke’s competencies include project design, development and management, applied scientific and conservation action fieldwork, community outreach, training and engagement, private & public sector collaboration, fundraising and grant management.

Focusing on the sustainability of natural resources Zeke combines endangered species conservation and community engagement in models for human-wildlife co-existence and habitat restoration and management.

Zeke has worked in 6 African countries, including South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya.

His studies in zoology, entomology and marine biology at Rhodes University in South Africa lead to his D.Phil. in Zoology at the University of Oxford in the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit.

He is a pilot with remote operations experience and a love of flying, particularly flying for conservation.

Zeke also brings commercial experience to bear of a four-year advertising and marketing career where he directed major accounts for several global advertising agencies.