Kilimanyika is a private consulting company, set up and directed by two natural resources management experts and supported by strong partnerships with associate consultants. Our work is informed particularly by our knowledge and experience of practical approaches to sustainable financing, environmental conservation and natural resource management that incorporate the desires and objectives of individuals, organisations and communities.

What we do

Kilimanyika works with governments, private enterprises, local communities and NGOs to facilitate the achievement of conservation outcomes:

  • Angel investment and support to social and environmental enterprise
  • Facilitating financing for sustainability and conservation incentives
  • Promoting environmental sustainability through project cycle management
  • Enhancing community livelihoods and resilience through enterprise

Our work is informed particularly by our knowledge and experience of practical approaches to natural resource management that incorporate the desires, objectives and capacities of individuals, organisations and communities.

Kilimanyika’s expertise lies in environmental conservation and management (marine and terrestrial –forests, drylands, and mountains), protected areas governance, conservation financing and management, community based natural resources management, sustainable use and illegal wildlife trade and climate change adaptation.

Kilimanyika stands at the intersection of government, private, NGO and local community strategies and programmes on sustainable agendas, conservation financing and the implementation of community resilience practices.

Over the last 14 years, Kilimanyika has acted as a service provider for large-scale conservation financing by partnering with governments, NGOs and UNDP for the development and implementation of projects funded by the Global Environment Facility, development banks and private sector across over 15 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Europe. conservation financing services to small and medium-sized business enterprises engaged in conservation, through the design and implementation of conservation projects, development of conservancies and facilitating the development of conservation incentives.

Through its work, Kilimanyika has supported local communities in the development of resource use strategies through project design and development for the management of conservation areas.

Paul Harrison has over 20 years’ work experience in Africa, Asia, South America and the U.K. in conservation strategy, field biodiversity and ecosystem conservation, project and programme management, business financing and management, agribusiness and social entrepreneurship. He is a director of several companies working in the sphere of natural resources management, including Executive Chairman of an award-winning timber company, Sound and Fair, and specialist advisory positions in biodiversity conservation and ESG-vetted investments into frontier markets. Paul is a former Global Advisor to the United Nations Development Programme, where he held dual roles of setting up and running the donor financed Global Wildlife Programme, in collaboration with counterparts from other UN entities and the World Bank, and managing and securing finance for a portfolio of ecosystem and biodiversity conservation initiatives.

Paul Harrison’s work has led to the financing of several hundred million dollars into global conservation efforts, public and private. His work has enabled the conservation and security of vast areas of protected areas and community managed lands, particularly in Africa. He is a member of the WWF UK Programme Committee—providing advice and scrutiny of WWF-UK’s activities, answering to the board. Paul is also a member of IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas and additionally a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Paul has an MSc in Tourism, Environment and Development (2001) and a BA (Hons) in African Language and Culture (1999), both from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London and a he is a fluent Swahili speaker.

James Ole Laizer has over 20 years of experience working in natural resources management in Africa, both terrestrial and marine and both public and private sectors. Beginning his working life in local government, James moved to socio-economic and ecological research, working with local people, governments, donors and investors in forested and savannah landscapes. He became head of communications and strategy for a private agribusiness, developing a number of community projects, then a tourist camp manager, before setting up Kilimanyika and co-leading a dynamic private consultancy business for many years.  James then took on the responsibility of a senior position in the natural resources extractives sector, working for a significant gold mining investor and operator as the corporate social responsibility manager. This CSR role allowed for a significant support to local communities through the implementation of strategic management plans developed by the company with the community. 

After securing development financing support, James then became Managing Director of Sound and Fair Tanzania, an initiative focused on the trade of FSC®️ certified hardwoods from community managed, certified forests. He has subsequently returned to combining his time between managing Sound and Fair and engaging in specialist consultancy and advisory work through Kilimanyika Ltd. James was a founder member of Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative (MCDI), the NGO that oversees the establishment and management of certified forest reserves in Tanzania, and was a board member before setting up Sound and Fair. James’ advisory work is wide ranging, covering all elements of project cycle management for donors and investors. James has substantial project and company design experience and successful financing, such as through UNDP and the GEF. He has carried out small- and large-scale evaluations of projects, including for the EU and USAID. James holds an Advanced Diploma in Wildlife Management from Mweka College of Wildlife Management in Moshi, Tanzania, and a diploma in Tourism Management.both terrestrial and marine and both public and private sectors

How we can help

Conduits for conservation financing and business development

Kilimanyika works with governments, private enterprises, local communities and NGOs to facilitate the achievement of conservation outcomes and implementation of the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals:

Mobilising conservation

Facilitating collaborations and liaising with governments, development banks and NGOs to generate financing for conservation efforts. Through our vast network of funders, we foster coalitions between conservation enterprise clients and funding bodies.

Facilitating financing for sustainability and conservation incentives

Supporting the development of viable financial strategies for the management of conservation areas utilising economic assessments through tourism activities, mobilising of conservation grants and the development of conservation enterprises

Promoting environmental sustainability

Through project design and environmental assessments, identifying target areas for conservation and developing strategies for their conservation

Enhancing local community livelihoods and resilience

Through community engagement and conducting livelihood assessments, local communities are supported in improving livelihoods and reducing their reliance on fragile landscapes and resources. By incorporating local livelihoods with conservation incentives, local community resilience to environmental and socioeconomic threats is improved.

Kilimanyika has experience working in over 15 countries (in Europe, Africa and Asia) with around USD 450 million mobilised by the directors through conservation financing under the Global Environment Facility (GEF), public funds, development banks, private sector, and through conservation enterprise development.


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